Sign ordinance among approvals at Denison council meeting

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DENISON, TX--Commercial and retail districts are well known for their signage. At Monday nights Denison City Council meeting, a new ordinance was approved to monitor them.

Chief Building Official Dale Jackson said the new ordinance better spells out the regulations.

"The big difference is, the other ordinance was not very clear. There were sections of the ordinance where you would read it, and say 'I don't understand,'" he said.

The new ordinance will also clarify the language on digital billboards - specifically, that companies would not be able to convert an older billboard into a digital one.

"However, you can put up a new electronic billboard if you meet all the requirements of the ordinance," Jackson said.

Right now, the city requires at least 3,000 feet separation between billboards - that would not change.

But the new ordinance will ban animation on digital signs. Which means digital images have to be static for at least eight seconds.

Signs that already have digital animation won't be affected - they will be grandfathered in, Jackson said.

Fairway Advertising General Manager Charlie Marino said they operate one digital billboard in Denison.

"It's a nice thing. Our client can come in and do a one day thing. Sometimes even a 'happy birthday.' And of course the amber alerts," he said.

They don't have immediate plans to build another one, Marino said. And the outdoor advertising industry already prohibits digital animation.

But he agrees there should be some regulation.

"It just kinda keeps the business at an even keel ,and square. Some people get crazy. Because you can see it, especially in the state of Texas some places," he said.

The proposal was tabled by the council back in December. Jackson said council members wanted an exception to the spacing regulations for Morton Street - which they included in this proposal.

Also approved at Mondays meeting- a design plan for the Shuler Development. City Manager Robert Hanna said, after 12 years, the decision was a major milestone for the project.

Waterloo Pool will soon begin construction on a new indoor building. Council members approved a contract for a climate controlled room, for parents to relax while watching their kids swim. It will also have a concession stand and a dining area. The project is set to begin in mid-Spring and is expected to cost around $135,000.

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