Denison city council approve bids for Katy Antique Station

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DENISON, TX-Denison city officials approved a bid to demolish the old Katy Antique Station.

City council have awarded the bid to Phoenix I to tear down the century-old building and remove asbestos and any hazardous materials that may be inside. The demolition may cost up to $400,000 and the asbestos removal up to $50,000.

The Katy Antique Station crumbled three years ago and city officials said it's a safety issue and an eyesore for downtown, that's why they voted unanimously last September to tear it down.

Also at the council meeting, Denison Main Street director, Donna Dow presented the master plan for downtown's Streetscape project. Plans include widening sidewalks, making curbs ADA compliant and add trees on the sidewalks. Dow also mentioned fixing the bricks that line Chestnut street.

Council voted unanimously to table the master plan.

And city officials also accepted $10,000 donated by a private citizen to be dedicated for the Eisenhower Veterans Monument Project. That money will be used for landscaping and any improvements surrounding the 21-foot bust.