Denison city council rejects proposal for tax-credit apartments

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DENISON, TX -- Residents along Crawford Street found a notice on their doors ahead of Monday's city council meeting, warning them of plans for "subsidized government housing" in their neighborhood.

And that's all it took for concerned Barry Freeman.... to swarm Monday's hearing.

"i'd like to be able to get my money back and not take a loss on the house, and that's what I'm afraid would happen with that over there."

But city manager Robert Hanna says there were a few misconceptions about the project...specifically...that it's not section 8 government housing.
It's a tax-credit development which means it's funded by private citizens...and leased to residents at a rate *below market value rates.
People who invest in the construction get a tax-credit from the federal government.
But Developers have to apply to grants administered through the state.

Hanna: "there's a selection process. And one of the competitive features is 'does the community support the project.'"

That's what was up for a vote Monday night.

"in fact the council has concerns with it. And they I think listened to what citizens were expressing and decided not to approve the resolution."

It was bitter news for landowner Lee Olmstead who pushed for the project.

"what developer wants to come to Denison now and develop. If you don't have adequate housing, you bring in no retail, not commercial development."

Mayor Jared Johnson says the city is in favor of this type of apartment development...but they decided the crawford street location just isn't the right place.

"and so if there's a project for a certain location, we're gonna explore all of those, absolutely. Denison is moving forward, we're growing at a pretty good rate with a lot of activity. And this is just another example of the interest in Denison."

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