Denison city officials adjust local bar's noise exemption

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DENISON, TX-Denison residents raise concerns about the noise coming from a nearby bar leading city officials to adjust the business' noise exemption at Monday night's council meeting.

The Denison City Council granted The Office Bar and Club a six month exemption from the city's noise ordinance in May, which allows the bar to play music up to 80 decibels on Fridays and Saturdays. But one resident said The Office was not following the rules.

Bobby Monroe woke up one October night complaining about noise coming out of The Office Bar and Club, two blocks away from his home.

"Then at 12:02 in the morning, October 31st, I was woke up by their music being so loud that I got up and called the police and asked them what was going on with the music being so loud," he said.

He said the noise had been a problem since Denison City Council granted the Office a six month exemption on the noise ordinance last May, allowing the bar to play music up to 80 decibels Friday and Saturday nights.

"It's been a continuous battle trying to get at least the sound lowered down to a level where people can at least sleep at night," Monroe said.

Monday, Denison Police Chief Jay Burch told city officials they received ten complaints from surrounding residents about the noise during the six month period.

"Our officers have been very diligent about going by and checking it for noise levels. We have our own decibel meter and they've gone there and checked it voluntarily without being called," he said.

Chief Burch said the bar went over the noise limit a few times.

"I think we have a couple of instances but it wasn't way over. It was above the limitations and they quickly got it under control after we brought it to their attention," he said.

The Office manager T.J. Armstrong said they are working to keep the noise down.

"It's been an ongoing thing and we're trying to find a solution and we'll do everything we can to do what the council tells us to do," he said.

But Armstrong had trouble keeping the bands in check.

"We got to teach bands how to do this because bands are not used to this kinds of stuff. They're used to just throwing their music as loud as they can and this is a whole new concept," he said.

Monday, city officials revised The Office's noise exemption to 70 decibels on Fridays and Saturdays instead of 80. Both Monroe and Armstrong said it's fair.

"The 70 decibels, it may work. We just have to wait and see," said Monroe.

City officials said they will revisit the noise issue after six months with the new noise exemption. Chief Burch said if the business fails to comply with the exemption, they can be ticketed for violation of city noise ordinance.

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