Denison council votes to move forward with streetscape project

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DENISON, TEXAS -- We've reported on Sherman's downtown streetscape project to add parking and landscaping and improve traffic flow.

At Monday's Denison city council meeting, the city unanimously voted for a resolution, to apply to TXDOT for nearly twice the amount Sherman received.

Store owners say streetside improvements would enhance their businesses.

Colleen Mungioli's downtown consignment store, My Friend's House, is expanding, adding an art gallery.

She says more and more people are coming to downtown Denison, but there's always room for growth.

"What we need to do is to continue to find ways bring them into downtown and into the buildings to see what we have," Munigioli said.

Munigioli says she wants the city to apply for TXDOT streetscape funding to improve downtown streets and sidewalks.

"We're really excited about it. Everybody is talking about it up and down the block," Munigioli said.

"Total project costs would be $750,000 dollars and that's for construction. It's an 80/20 match and so we're asking for $600,000 thousands for TXDOT," Main Street Director Donna Dow said.

Dow says the city would come up with the remaining $150,000 dollars for the project.

The money would also make downtown ADA accessible.

"We want to make it where everybody of all levels of mobility can access our sidewalks and our stores," Dow said.

Plus, many believe this investment in the streetscape would help generate additional economic development.

"I've seen what it's done before and it really just creates reinvestment all the way around. You know, it just has a snowball effect. So that's something that we're hoping for and focusing on," Dow said.

We've also told you about Denison considering building a pocket park, a park behind the façade of a downtown building.

Donna Dow says the city will be building that pocket park, they just aren't sure of the specific design of the park yet.

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