Denison considers renovations to city hall, police department

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DENISON, TX -- City Hall and the Police Department could be getting a face lift soon, as the issue goes before the council Monday night.

City Manager Robert Hanna said they're planning a few cosmetic updates, like changing the 40-year-old carpet.

"Maybe replacing some of the furniture that's been around since the '80s or the '60s with some updated furniture and just kind of give it a revamp," he said.

It's part of a proposal before the city council at Monday night's meeting. A project that also includes increasing accessibility for people with disabilities.

"The way we are running our operations at city hall we comply with the statute. However we can certainly do more," he said.

He said examples include ADA compliant bathrooms and access to the second floor.

"As a city we should be setting the example for accessibility for the community," he said.

He said they're also planning to renovate the 40-year-old Police Station.

The five year project would increase ADA accessibility and modernize the interior.

"We also have plans to do something with the exterior as well and make it more attractive. Again, it's part of our downtown corridor," he said.

They're proposing $60,000 for the city hall remodel and around $300,000 for the police department remodel, according to the council agenda.

Main Street Director Donna Dow said keeping the buildings in top shape is crucial to the feel of downtown.

"The city showing that initiative and wanting to lead by example is very important," she said.

Hanna said they want to be sensitive to the historic nature of the 100 plus year old city hall building.

"Whatever project we do here or at the police station ought to reflect our interest and importance upon which we place our historical structures."

Hanna expects to have a finalized budget in September.

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