Denison council approves e-cigarette ordinance

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DENISON,TX---A new city ordinance approved by the council Monday night will regulate on the use of electronic cigarettes in Denison.

The City of Denison passed an ordinance that will prohibit smoking E-cigarettes in public areas or inside businesses at the owner's discretion. City officials say it's to make Denison a healthier place for residents to live, something Angie Sparkman, owner of "Wicked Vapors" disagrees with.

"When you're frustrated and you want a cigarette and you want to go out and you feel the release that's just relaxing, this does the same thing, without all the bad things that are in cigarettes." said Sparkman.

She says vaping provides smokers nicotine and the feel of a cigarette with no tobacco or harmful second hand smoke.

"I smoked since I was a teenager, and that's what it was for me was this, and it took me one week and I did not want a cigarette," said Sparkman.

"It's actually kind of rude to smoke in public places, where most people don't smoke, so I don't smoke in public places," said Vincent Hays.

Local customer Vincent Hays says e-cigs have helped him get off real cigarettes.

"I've been cutting down on the nicotine capacity, and pretty soon I'll be nicotine free," said Hays.

The ordinance would also prohibit minors under the age of 18 to purchase e-cigs, something Sparkman says her store already does and that every vapor store should do.

"We 100% agree, like I said we've done that since we opened, so we're fully behind tha,." said Sparkman.

She says if Denison approves the ordinance local shops like hers could lose business.

"It will, you'll be able to feel it, just because they're not going to be using it as much."

Sparkman says although it may look like smoke being exhaled when someone vapes, it's actually flavorful vapors. The FDA is currently studying e-cigs' effects, but there are no regulations as of now.

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