Denison dive team gears up for training

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DENISON,TX---Denison authorities have formed a dive team to help in rescue efforts during dangerous situations.

This group of police and firefighters makes up Denison's dive team, formed last year to respond to water rescues and search efforts.

Wednesday they tested their skills at Waterloo Pool in Denison.

"In order to be proficient at whatever you are trying to accomplish, you need to make sure you have routine training, make sure your gear is in proper working condition." said Michael Allison.

Denison Firefighter Michael Allison is one of the divers. He says his team of eight firefighters and four police officers helped in the search for Enoch Dixon in February and also helped in the recovery efforts for drowning victim 58 year old Marsha Curry that same month.

"We've searched for evidence, that's why we have cooperation with the P.D. and we help them with whatever they need and they help us as well, with finding bodies or anything that's underneath the water." said Allison.

"With the upcoming recreational season, officials say today is as good of a day as ever for divers to practice getting under water."

"It's an opportunity for them to check their equipment, make sure their equipment is up to snuff, to work together so they get familiar with each other."

Assistant Chief Bill Ray says it's important that divers train in a pool like Waterloo before they are sent out on a real mission in a natural body of water.

"We're starting in the pool where it's clear water so that they're very familiar with their equipment, and then we'll graduate into the lake and to murky water where they have to dive where they can't see." said Ray.

Ray says their high tech equipment was purchased with grants to the department and paired with this training so that these guys will be ready for any water emergency.

"Denison being the gateway to Lake texoma, it's imperative that we have a dive team to go out there and take care of some of these emergencies." said Ray.

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