Denison dive team searching for possible drowning victim

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(DENISON, TEXAS) -- The Denison dive team is searching for a missing man who they say may have drowned.

The man's wife says her husband calls everyday at noon, and when she didn't call today, she knew something was wrong.

The family is from Fort Worth and say the 41-year-old man spends the weekdays working at The Eisenhower Yacht Club in Denison.

That's where they found his truck today and when they couldn't find him anywhere they called for help. Officials have been searching the water since about 4:30 this afternoon and are still without answers.

They also found the man's bosses son's S-U-V parked beside the truck but authorities won't say where he is.

Family members say it is very* unlike the man to just disappear. They say his cell phone is still on and they are worried.