Denison fire truck crashes on way to small attic fire

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DENISON, TX -- An attic fire at a Denison house Tuesday morning caused damage to a both woman's home and a Denison fire truck.

Pearl Napier said she was taking out the garbage - about to leave for the day - when she noticed smoke coming from her roof.

Battalion Chief Keith Bates said the fire appears to be electrical, but it's still under investigation.

"We believe it started in the attic around some wiring," he said.

Napier said she's thankful it wasn't worse.

"I might have left for the day with [her daughter]. And who knows if any of my neighbors would have seen my house on fire," she said.

But she said it still hurts to see damage to her home.

"I don't want to look at it ... but I will," she said. "Every morning I've got up and thanked God for my house and my family and everything. I said [to my daughter], 'I didn't do that this morning.'"

Denison called out three fire engines but only two showed up. One engine was in a traffic accident on Morton Street on it's way to the fire.

"We had a single car make contact with a fire engine. At this time the police department is investigating it," Bates said. "We did transport the driver of the vehicle to the hospital."

Bates said he doesn't know the extent of the driver's injuries, but they were not life-threatening.

No firefighters were hurt, he said.

The Police Department determine who was at fault, he said.

"They will get back with us with the details. They will conduct a full investigation and find out exactly what happened," Bates said.

Preston EMS and the Grayson County Airport Fire Department were called out to the traffic accident, since all available Denison trucks were out at the fire, Bates said.

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