Denison football to play at AT&T Stadium

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DENISON, TX -- The yellow jackets are gearing up for a big game Friday at AT&T Stadium.

The yellow jackets are headed to Arlington Friday, to play the Argyle Eagles in the Southwest Showcase at AT&T Stadium.

The first time the team has played there.

"It gets us all pumped up, having people there. It gives us motivation," said Quarterback Devon Blanton.

"It's huge. I think it's huge for our community, huge for our student body, huge for our kids," said Coach Chad Rogers.

Denison is playing early, at 2pm.

It's an opportunity coach Chad Rogers says, isn't just great for his team, but for DHS as a whole.

"The whole student body is excited about it, cause it's not just the football game. It's the band kids at halftime, it's the cheerleaders and Stingarettes," said Rogers.

It's a big enough event for the school, that the booster club is working with the Student Council and National Honor Society to rally a large student presence at the game.

"We're helping to get the students and the fans there cause it's important. This is a big opportunity for our team, our community," said Booster Club President Brian Aspell.

Two Charter buses and one school bus will take students to the stadium on a first come, first serve basis, along with one Charter bus for any parents.

It'll cost the booster club around $3,500 dollars, but president Brian Aspell says it's all worth it.

"AT&T stadium and all that big excitement, but more importantly; we've got that 'jacket pride' rolling through," said Aspell.

STUCO and NHS are selling student tickets to the game for $6 and adult tickets for $20 for non-booster club members. The ride to the stadium is free.

One Student Council member, who's helping sell the tickets, will also be helping to win the game -- starting Quarterback Devon Blanton.

"If we didn't have Student Council helping out, there probably wouldn't be very many kids going at all," said Blanton.

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