Denison helps business owners renovate buildings

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DENISON,TX -- Business owners can get help renovating their buildings with city grants.

"We've looked up and down the street, and there's some target areas that we are hoping will come in." said Myers.

Over the past 10 years, the Denison Development Foundation has invested over $400,000 in repainting, restoring and even reconstructing Denison's historic Main Street buildings.

Denison Development Alliance Vice President William Myers says the program is meant to keep downtown updated and attractive.

"We want to keep the business, the facade's from deteriorating, the buildings from deteriorating." said Myers.

"They're valuable pieces of our history, that once they deteriorate, then it's hard to get them back." said Dow.

Donna Dow is the Denison Main Street Director. She says business and building owners can fill out applications to fix their façades and the city can match up to half of the cost to help pay for the renovations.

"A building might need a new awning or a new sign, or a new paint, and so there's always somebody in need of that." said Dow.

"I wanted to represent my company, and get my name out there, so people know what I did." said Musico.

Nitia Musico owns "Rugs and Stuff." When she bought the store last year there was an old, outdated sign but she just recently fixed the sign on her own dime.

Dow says it's examples like these where the city can help.

"It's really helping the property owner protect their investment because it is an investment." said Dow.

Myers says they hope owners will utilize some $30,000 the city has to offer right now to help with renovations.

"We want Downtown Denison to look fantastic, we want all of Denison to look fantastic, and this is an opportunity to help move us forward." said Myers.

The deadline to submit an application is April 30th. In Denison, Ethan Hutchins News 12.

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