Denison launching new branding campaign to capitalize on recent boom

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DENISON, TX -- City officials are starting a new campaign to re-brand the city's image, looking to capitalize on recent economic development.

Tony Kaai, Denison Development Alliance president, said it's all about what "people say about you when you're not there."

"The main purpose really is to create cheerleaders in Denison for all the great things that are happening and have happened in the last two or three years," Kaai said.

Those include more than 1,000 new jobs, the 3,000-acre Preston Harbour development, an $80 million school bond and 15 new downtown businesses.

But during a year-long survey process, officials found about 40 percent of residents wouldn't recommend living in Denison to friends - which is higher than the national average for individual cities.

"And we think one of the reasons people are feeling that way is because they don't have all the information," Kaai said.

They hope this new campaign can start to change that perception.

Shelley Cassell grew up in Denison and sits on the Image Campaign Committee.

"I know a lot of times when I have friends come in from out of town, I think 'where can I take them, what can we do' and that's when I start thinking of all of the neat things our community has to offer, and I want people to remember those," Cassell said.

She hopes the campaign can make that hometown-pride a reflex.

"That they actually remember all of the cool and fun things there are to do in this community," Cassell said.

City officials hope the economic development can produce an even bigger population boom.

"And this is one of the starts to do that, and that's get information out about why it's such a great place to live," Kaai said.

The TV spots will run for 30 days. After that, they'll move the campaign online.

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