Denison distillery set to open in May

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DENISON,TX---A new Denison distillery is set to open soon and could be a huge tourist attraction.

"We think it's going to be major, it's just so much fun having these young guys come here, and such entrepreneurs that they are." said Anna Mckinney.

The Iron Root Distillery is set to open in May. Denison Chamber of Commerce director Anna Mckinney says the new business will be a big attraction for the city.

"It's bringing something really unique to us that very very few cities have." said Mckinney.

"It's been a long time coming." said Johnathan Likarish.

News 12 was there when the distillery was only a field; when owners John and Robert Likarish were just getting started. Now, almost two years later, it's almost time to share the spirits.

"We're going to be distributing our product, not only statewide but nationally and internationally hopefully." said Likarish.

The Licarish brothers had separate careers but decided to take a shot at the distillery business.

"This is proving to be a lot more fun for us and it's been quite rewarding so far to see the progress we've seen here." said Likarish.

The brother's just received two more stills that they hope will be a major attraction.

"Our newest still is a thousand gallons whiskey still, it'll be the biggest whiskery still in the state of Texas." said Likarish

When the distillery opens, they plan to host community events and tastings here at home, while Likarish hopes the product will eventually be known throughout the world.

"It'll hopefully be a proud moment for the city to have something distributed that far." said Likarish.

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