Denison native enters national jingle contest

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DENISON, TX-A Denison native takes on a national jingle competition for a major auto insurance company and he needs your help to hit the high note.

Aaron Thomas, also known as A.T. is competing against more than 200 entries across the nation for Safe Auto's "Do The Jingle" online competition. Right now, he's ranked 25th with over 26,000 votes and he needs your help to get to the top 5.

Thomas has been making music all his life.

"I go through and life has a song to it. You know? There's a song, there's some type of song or some type of music that's befitting for every situation of my life. So, music is my life pretty much," he said.

Thomas said he always wanted to be a musician and, after trying his hand at different genres, he recently discovered his niche--producing jingles. His first won a nationwide contest for Pizza Hut!

"It's always exciting to win but at the same time it's just like, if you're a winner, that's what you do," he said. "Jingles to me is almost like a whole new genre and artform so just being able to open up and listen to other things and not just be so close minded on 'this is what I do and this is how I do it.'"

And he's not stopping there, Thomas now entered Safe Auto's "Do The Jingle" contest. Out of 225 entries, he's in 25th place and he's asking Texomans to log on and vote to get him into the top five.

"It's pretty awesome and, just the way I am, I feel like I am a small town guy, but at the same time I like the feeling of being a small town guy because everybody knows you," he said.

Grayson College's Shelle Cassell knows Thomas well and said she's not surprised that he's in the top 25.

"It's mind-boggling and it's so cool that he gets those experiences. But it's not that big of a surprise because he really is a very talented young man and he's just cool," she said.

And Thomas said he's overwhelmed with the support he's received from the community.

"Thank you everybody, everybody's that's supported me along the way just thank every last one of you and your support is greatly appreciated," he said.

He also surprised us with a special song.

"Pay attention and everybody hold up because there's a public announcement for all of Texoma on KXII, tune into KXII," he sang.

If A.T. wins the contest, he will get $5,000 and a chance to appear in Safe Auto commercials.

To vote for A.T., we have the link to his entry below.

Complete KXII song by A.T.:

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