Denison police explain why no arrests have been made in fatal crash

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DENISON, TX - It has been nearly a week since a pregnant woman was killed after a car crashed into her Denison home and some people are asking why no charges have been filed.

Denison Police say this investigation is far from over. Officers say they have to gather all the facts first before charges, if any, can be made. However, they have released the name of the driver that allegedly drove into the house killing 28-year-old Jennifer Comstock.

"I'm hoping and praying that there will soon be an arrest in this accident," Miss Lou, who did not want to be identified by her real name, said.

Miss Lou who has asked to remain anonymous says she was outside walking her dog around 7:00 Thursday night when she saw a red car slam into a home on the corner of Morton St. and Armstrong Ave.

"And he was driving on rims. I saw him make a left turn on Morton Street and sparks were flying from his car and he was going at a high speed and that was when the impact was heard," Miss Lou said.

Lt. Mike Eppler with Denison Police says 57-year-old Richard Allen Taylor Jr. was driving the car that crashed into the home killing Jennifer Comstock , who friends say was pregnant.

Taylor has not been arrested.

"I am very shocked that no arrest has been made," Miss Lou said.

Lt. Eppler says facts have to be straightened out before any arrest can be made.

"If you go to file charges when you go to present a case to the DA's office you want it to be the proper charge. You want to have a case to where it can be proven," Lt. Eppler said.

He says they are still talking to witnesses and asks anyone who has information to come forward.

"When you work an investigation it's sort of like doing a puzzle. Everybody has a certain piece of that puzzle and there may be somebody thinking 'well I just know this little bitty thing and they probably already know that and it's not going to help', but that may be the one piece that's needed to complete the puzzle," Lt. Eppler said.

At this time Lt. Eppler says there have been allegations that Taylor was driving unsafely.

"The original allegation was that the driver of the Cadillac allegedly rammed the vehicle in front of him on more than one occasion," Lt. Eppler said.

However, he says that has to be proven through the investigation.

"It is still an active case and that's why it's so important that we get information from anybody that has some information," Lt. Eppler said.