Denison students get help with school supplies

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DENISON,TX---The city's school district is asking for supplies for students in the upcoming school year.

Many Denison students are headed back to class for the last half of their school year and some of them may need fresh supplies.

"This is something that we can help from 1st grade all the way up through seniors." said Anna Mckinney.

Anna Mckinney with the Denison chamber of commerce is heading the supply drive. She says they have been receiving all kinds of donations.

"We can use anything, pencils, notebooks, elmers glue; it's very popular with the kids." said Mckinney.

And it doesn't stop there... Books, backpacks and playdoh have been given as well. Mckinney says a large number of students benefit from the drive.

"There's a lot of need, unfortunately we have a lot of poverty within our schools, and we can help these kids blend in and fit in by just each of us giving a little bit to this cause." said Mckinney.

"We don't want the education of these children to be affected by the fact that they cannot provide the supplies they need for that education." said Carrie Boettger.

Carrie Boetteger a counselor at Denison High School sees the need for school supplies every day.

"We go through a tremendous number of backpacks, because that is a big expense for a family on a very limited budget." said Boettger.

Boetteger says in past years the drive has really helped the students, and she hopes the Denison community comes through again.

"There are a lot of kids whose needs would not be met if it wasn't for the generosity of the people in this community." said Boettger.

"Any size donation is needed and appreciated, if one student gets the note paper they need and the pencils they need, you can make a difference in a child's life, so that's what this is all about, is helping our kids." said Mckinney.

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