Denison students learn about Black History

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DENISON,TX---Students ended Black History Month with a celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.

"We need to know where we've come from, so we don't end up back there." said Principal Alvis Dunlap.

Students at B. Mcdaniel Middle School in Denison ended their study of Black History this month with an assembly Friday to the sound---of the Martin Luther King Jr. " I Have A Dream" speech.

"This is a culmination of all what they've learned this month." said Dunlap.

The choir performed some famous jazz songs from black composers of the early 1900's like Duke Ellington.

The band played some tunes of their own as well; all to teach students a common lesson.

"To not treat people by the color of their skin, or anything else that is different." said student Dalton Sauther.

"I just enjoy the energy and the celebration." said student Allyson Edgette.

Student Allyson Edgette says she hopes her fellow students truly take in the message and what it means.

"I hope that something sinks into my heart, that I've never heard before and I can just pass it on." said Edgette.

Principal Alvis Dunlap has been performing the "I have a dream" speech for many years. He says Martin Luther King Jr. is his role-model and he hopes students remember that we are all equal.

"As a whole, our students don't see in black and white, brown and red, we're just all students learning together." said Dunlap.

Dunlap says he hopes students really take something away from this month and that it opens their eyes to the world.

"I hope students walk away realizing that America has come a long way, but we still have a long way to go." said Dunlap.

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