Denison teachers prepare for Save Texas Schools rally

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DENISON, TX -- More than a dozen Denison teachers are preparing for a trip to the state capitol next weekend, where they will join the statewide Save Texas Schools rally.

"I just felt led that we needed to do something to be a part of this," Shonna Voight said.

Voight is a Denison kindergarten teacher and president of the Denison Classroom Teachers Association.

She's leading the local initiative to get Texoma educators to Austin next weekend, where they plan to lobby against public school funding cuts, against vouchers to private schools and for a better testing system.

"There's a broken testing system, all the testing that's going on; obviously, it's not working for our state. The students are not successful, the success rate is not good. So we need that fixed, we need our funding restored and we need to say no to vouchers to the private schools," Voight said.

In 2011, public schools lost $5.4 billion in state funding.

Voight says she sees the affects of that budget cut in her own classroom.

"The teacher/student ratio should be 22 to 1 and that was not the case last year, so we have a lot of overcrowded classrooms with the population growing," Voight said.

Voight says superintendents across Texas will descend on Austin next weekend to join the Save Texas Schools rally.

Save Texas Schools outlines some of their goals as, "restore all school funding cuts made by the 2011 legislature, reevaluate and limit high-stakes standardized testing and reject efforts that reduce funding to public education, including school vouchers."

Voight says all of this lobbying is for the kids.

"I'm one person but if I could get more people to help me, then we might could make a difference for the kids in our schools," Voight said.

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