Denison introduces iPhone app

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DENISON, TX-- Ever think, I should report that pothole? Now it's as easy as taking a picture.

"We will just take this pin, where this is where want to be. We'll just say something has happened in forest park. That's the description and we'll say play ground equipment or whatever this may be. And then you can attach a photo if you want too and then you can submit," Denison City Manager, Robert Hanna, explains how to use the Citizen Request Tracker iPhone Application.

It's a tool for the citizens to share complaints with the city. Anything from overgrown grass, potholes, and vandalism, even stray dogs.

Linda Woyewodzic has lived in Denison for most of her life and sees eyesores around town every day.

"Anything to help the city and to help beautify it and to help fix things up, I think that's wonderful."

The iPhone application, called Civic Plus, is part of the City of Denison's web site, which is already paid for. It doesn't cost the taxpayer a dime and it's free to download. It uses GPS technology to send the exact location of the problem area.

The city has only received about a dozen notifications since December, but city officials said residents should take advantage of the app.

"This empowers the citizen to help report those things when they experience them," Hanna explained.

If a resident sends a request in, they will receive e-mail notifications on the status.

Hanna said it allows the city to interact with our citizens in a way that is on their terms.

Visit to download the application.

For questions you can contact the city at 903-465-2720.