Despite low water level Lake Texoma has successful summer

LAKE TEXOMA -- Businesses at Lake Texoma will not get a day off this holiday weekend with tens of thousands of people expected to hit the water, but they are not complaining because this Labor Day is wrapping up a summer of success at Lake Texoma.

Boaters have already hit the water at Lake Texoma this holiday weekend and that is something Grandpappy Point Marina General Manager Jason Cottingham is smiling about.

"I think all and all it's going to be a great weekend," Cottingham said.

Cottingham did not have that same kind of optimism at the beginning of the summer. The low lake level had most surrounding businesses sweating. At 609 feet, Lake Texoma was the lowest it had been in more than 40 years.

"There were definitely concerns and adjustments we had to make," Cottingham said. "We moved boat houses. We got permit to dredge, which was digging soil out beneath the boat houses and some pretty expensive boat houses."

But businesses like Grandpappy's were hopeful when they learned Lake Texoma was reaping the benefits of the summer rain.

"You know the lake come up a little bit and things were good. So business has improved this year. Our numbers have been up, boat sales have been up so things have really been good for us," Cottingham said.

The lake is currently nearly 612 feet about sea level, that is up more than three feet since the beginning of June, and rising water is also good news for boaters.

"For all the boaters that come out here it's dangerous so low," Pat Miller said.

Lake-goer Daniel Weeks says even though the rain has helped cover underwater hazards the lake is still low and boaters need to remain alert.

"Scout out an area, see how deep it is. Use your gages on your boat. Check everything out, then go out and do your skiing or wakeboarding or tubing," Weeks said.