Dickson Schools audit released

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DICKSON, OK - An audit of Dickson Public Schools recently released shows that the board and administrators have followed the law and board policies.

But state auditor and inspector Gary Jones said there are still areas of concern.

"Things that would be considered by the public to be excess," said Jones. "The purchase of meals that seem to be quite expensive, travel for the board."

One example the report cited was a $1,397.05 charge for 6 administrators to attend a planning session at a Texas resort.

Superintendent Larry Case said in a statement,

"The report highlights a number of occasions when district funds, including activity funds, have reportedly been spent in an unnecessary manner. Although the report covers events which occurred between July 1, 2011 and Oct. 1, 2013, this does not change our obligation to ensure that district funds are spent in an appropriate, reasonable and prudent manner going forward. Many of the concerns listed have been addressed this past school year."

Parents said concern about how money from grants and bonds was being spent made them ask for the audit, which reviewed employee compensation, activity fund account record keeping, use of district vehicles record keeping and leasing district-owned property.

Jones recommended more board oversight to enforce existing policies, and said the report will be forwarded to the district attorney as is standard procedure.

Case said the board is working to ensure existing policies are followed.