Discounted dental services offered at SOTC

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ARDMORE, OK- The Oklahoma University Dental Hygiene Program in Ardmore is offering "almost free" dental care, with discounts that range from 50% -100% off.

Seniors are performing routine dental cleanings and treatments this semester.

Next semester, juniors who pass the required classes can also get involved.

Senior Roxann Wheeler said, "We get to see all types of patients. Patients who have never had a dental hygiene treatment before and some that have had them their whole lives."

Wheeler said the benefits of discounted care work both ways. The wide range of patients helps students learn and the patients who may not have the money for a dentist, have a less expensive way to receive the care they need.

"They understand that it may take longer than a regular appointment," Wheeler said. "At a dental office it might take an hour, here they may take 3 hours"

Clinical Instructor Lindsay Hays said the community is welcome to take advantage of the school's services every Monday-Thursday throughout the school year.

Hays said the grant that allows the dental hygiene program to offer discounts is due to a grant from the Delta Dental Oral Health Foundation.

"We have a program policy," Hays said. "You can bring your proof on income and see where you fall and see what kind of discount you get."

Hays said there has been a great response from the public with a rotation of 6 students, each seeing one patient per day.

Wheeler said, "They work with us and they come in for their appointments and they are very excited that we are going to give them the quality treatment they deserve."

Services are offered at the Southern Oklahoma Technology Center in Ardmore. Call (580) 224-8241 to schedule appointments.