Disposing of Christmas trees in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX -- The holidays are officially over and decorations are coming down.

But one big decoration people are trying to getting rid of is getting some Sherman residents in trouble with the City.

Nicolette Schleisman spoke to concerned residents, and city officials on how Christmas trees can cause a violation of city code.

James Anderson lives in a Sherman neighborhood where the city has issued violations for Christmas trees left on the curb if it's not your pick-up day.

"It's very ridiculous. But they do a lot of stuff like that," said Anderson.

This week, city workers went to resident's doors whose Christmas tree was out on the curb too early before their designated pick up date, and issued a violation.

Don Keene, Director of Public Works for the City of Sherman, says they aren't trying to punish anyone, just educate.

"What that policy allows us to do is keep our curb sides free of trash and brush for extended periods of time. But we'll pick that up as part of our brush service," said Keene.

But residents, like William Niblet, disagree.

"But you can't put any trash out on the curb. Not a Christmas tree, you can't put anything on the curb. And I think its ridiculous if you put any trash out on the curb and its not picked up," said Niblet.

Residents are also concerned about the fire danger of keeping a Christmas tree in your home too long.

"When you leave your tree set up in your house for too long your house can burn down," said Anderson.

But Keene says the City is not asking residents to leave their trees inside, and has a solution.

"We encourage again to get those Christmas trees out of your houses as soon as you can and if your pick up week is later on in the month, just place it somewhere outside, maybe your back yard or side yard," said Keene.

Keene says there are two different ways to dispose of Christmas trees. One is to wait for your correct pick up week, and place the trees on your curb starting the Saturday before. Or, you can take it to the drop off center.


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