Documentary screening encourages childhood obesity discussion

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Childhood obesity. The phrase is heard in schools, hospitals and families, but Mason Harvey knows what it really means.

"Well it all started in third grade," said Mason.

That's when Mason's battle with his weight began. By the time he reached age 11 and the sixth grade his weight hit 206 pounds.

Mason said his lifestyle was part of the problem.

"I'd love to come home after school and just pig out on chips and pop," he said.

Preventing those habits are part of what tonight's event is about.
The Carter County Turning Point Coalition and the health department hosted a screening of 'Children in Crisis' -- part of a documentary called "Weight of a Nation."

Parents, children and educators came to learn, and coordinators hope people heard solutions.

"We're really trying to look at the environment that kids are in," said Kristi Combes, nutrition and fitness coordinator for the Carter County Health Department. "And how can we make that environment healthier so that they can make healthier choices."

Mason has learned how to make those healthier choices. He's since lost 85 pounds.

"Now I feel way better about myself. I'm moving faster and I don't have that inhaler anymore," said Mason.

And success stories like his could very well help reduce childhood obesity.