Dog owners warned to get Parvovirus vaccine

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- County animal hospital officials are warning dog owners to be careful of a possibly deadly virus.

Parvovirus. It's nothing new, but it's a big concern for Bryan County dog owners like Bruce Sheppard.

"It's a very devastating disease; especially for puppies," said Sheppard.

The virus is spread orally through fecal matter, that can be spread through grass, dirt, hair or even someone's shoe.

Sheppard says years ago one of his family members lost an entire litter of puppies to the virus.

So Monday, he vaccinated his puppy.

"If you have a dog, and I'm just an ordinary person --- but if you have a dog; get it vaccinated," said Sheppard.

Officials at Durant Animal Clinic say they think Parvo may be on the rise because dogs are outside more during the summer months.

They also say they've seen a decrease in the number of Parvo vaccinations, which could put hundreds of pets at risk.

Vomiting and Diarrhea are some of the symptoms your pet may show if they're infected.

"Parvovirus works by attacking the fast replicating cells, so that's going to be primarily in your GI system," said Dr. Emi Pedigo.

Dr. Emi Pedigo says the clinic usually quarantines 2 to 3 dogs with the Parvo each week.

She says while vaccinating your dog will help lower the risk of them getting Parvo, it's not 100% effective.

So make sure you watch your pet closely for the symptoms.

"The earlier you catch it the better. So if you got a listless puppy that doesn't want to eat, and might be having a hard time holding things down, it's a good time to bring it in," said Pedigo.

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