Domestic Violence Seminar Held for Law Enforcement

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Ardmore Police Officer, Lynne James, is a part of the domestic violence task force. She says dealing with domestic violence calls is one of the most dangerous and most common calls officers respond to.

"We do see a lot in this area. It is everyday that we are dealing with that issue. So it's very important that we gain knowledge," says James.

Jon Lumbley, with the Dallas Police Department's Family Violence Unit, spoke at Monday's seminar at the Carter County Health Department.

Lumbley says, "It's kind of a refresher course on what to look for, the physical injury aspect, and then also what's being said at the time of the event."

Lumbley says it's often difficult for officers to determine the best way to handle domestic violence calls, which can often be highly volatile situations.

"Law enforcement, a lot of times, we get so tunnel visioned that we're not paying attention to everything."

He says when they arrive on scene, they have to determine the extent of injuries, who could be responsible for those injuries, whether it's domestic assault, and how to secure the scene and protect the possible victim.
Because the issue is so important to this region, Lumbley is holding another training for law enforcement on Thursday.

He says, "I like watching officers come in and think that they know it all. And then you get an opportunity to explain things differently to them... From a victim's perspective and also from everybody else's perspective."

James says a candlelight vigil, open to the public, will be held in October in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month,
and the victims of the crime.

She says, "We will have speakers there letting everyone know what all is out there that is available to them...any victims."

Officer James says for anyone interested in attending, the vigil will be held at Heritage Hall on October 22nd at 6:30 PM.

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