Domestic Violence Victim Speaks Out After Being Abducted

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"I don't know how to start over and not be scared"

The vicitm, who doesn't want to be identified, says although her ex-boyfriend is now in jail, the fear is still there...

"I got to be home by dark because I'm scared to walk through my house after it's already dark."

She says she not only fears for herself, but for those close to her as well.

"I don't want to go around my friends. I don't want to go around my family. Because anyone who has anything to do with me, they just get threatened."

Investigators say in June, her ex-boyfriend, Colen Jay Arnold, kidnapped her then held her captive in her own home.
He was arrested but bonded out of jail, she says, only to come back and threaten her several more times.
She believes her biggest mistake was not getting a protective order sooner.

"You can't just think it's going to get better or feel bad for someone because you've known them for a long time or because they have kids."

Marshall County Sheriff, Ed Kent, says domestic violence is a growing problem in the state.

"Domestic violence in Southern Oklahoma is more common than maybe some people realize."

Kent says don't wait to call for help...

"My background, what I've seen in the last 15 years, is that if that man hit you once, he'll hit you again."

The victim hopes the case will move forward and she'll be able to face him in court...

"I just want it over with. And I don't want him back out of jail."

She also hopes someday she will not have to live in fear...

"Knowing one day I won't have to be scared. I know, one day I won't."