Donations needed at red kettles in Fannin County

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BONHAM,TX---Red kettle donations across Texoma could have a big impact on the Salvation Army in Fannin County.

Lee Roy Cirkles has been outside the Walmart in Bonham for almost 8 years.

"I'm doing it cause I love it, and it's on my heart to do." said Cirkles.

Volunteering for the Salvation army greeting people and ringing his bell.

When Cirkles first got married in the 70's he had to rely on the Salvation army, and now, he does this so he can pay it forward.

"They helped me and I know they're a good organization, and that's what we're here for is to help someone." said Cirkles.

"When you can give someone $30 to $40 dollars to buy groceries for a family of 4 and 5, and they are truly grateful for that, it makes you grateful for what you have." said Bankston.

Bonham police chief Mike Bankston heads up the Salvation Army in Fannin County. Their operation is small. He runs it with one other woman. Because of their size, the money from the kettle donations can go a long way.

"At least 80 percent of it comes from it, the money we receive during the holiday season, that's the money we operate off of the entire year." said Bankston.

Other cities across Texoma have multiple red kettle locations. In Bonham, this is the only one, making it difficult to raise as much.

The funds could help place a family in a motel for a night, or provide basic necessities to those without. Cirkles says that's why he keeps coming back.

"There's a lot of unfortunate people out there and to be able to know that I'm doing something to help someone is what I look forward to every year." said Cirkles.

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