Downtown Food Pantry sets one day serving record

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PARIS, TX -- The Downtown Food Pantry in Paris broke their holiday record Tuesday, helping nearly 2,000 people in need.

Usually the food pantry is open twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursdays, but during the week of Thanksgiving the pantry is only open once which draws a record crowd each year.

"I don't like breaking those kinds of records, but if the needs there than we will do our best to fill it," said Operations Director Chuck Burton.

Last year the pantry served nearly 500-families,this year they added almost 200 more and Burton says people were lining up hours before they opened.

"Our first person in line, was in line though we open at 1:30 was here at 8:13 this morning," said Burton.

In light of Thanksgiving, recipients were able to take home whole chickens, dessert items and juices as extras this week.

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