Dozens Gather for Candlelight Vigil in Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK-- More than fifty people gathered to show their support for Shelby Miller at a candlelight vigil in Ardmore's central park.

Miller remains in a medically induced coma with a fractured spine and pelvis, broken collar bone and bruised lungs now doctors said she is also fighting pneumonia.

'It's devastating and what happened to her should never happen" said Monica Opsahl.

"My heart goes out to her and the baby and her family and I just put everything in the lords hands and I hope and pray to God that she makes it" said Leeann Kelley

Terryn Reames, Shelby's brother said he is overwhelmed with the support shown by friends even complete strangers.

"We didn't expect such a big turnout, people you know to kind of just here us out were just small town people like everyone else here just the turnout alone is awesome" said Terryn Reames.

Miller's family said their lives changed forever early last Saturday morning when she went to check on a fight outside her home and was run over by a driver who fled the scene. No arrest have been made and supporters all are asking the same question, why?

"Why is there not justice, Shelby's fighting for her life and lost her son" said Monica Opsahl.

Leeann Kelley's daughter grew up with Shelby.She said that she just doesn't understand why no arrests have been made yet.

"And it's not fair that she's laying in a hospital bed". said Leeann Kelley.

Miller's family said they're still hopeful that Shelby will recover and the support they've received is pulling them through.

"It's good to have people here and care they way they have been" said Terryn Reames.

Landmark Bank on North Commerce in Ardmore. Donations can be made under Richard Rogers/Shelby Miller.

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