Drought backswings local golf courses and lawn services

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SHERMAN, TX - Texoma has been scorched by this 100-degree heat for weeks and it's drying up business for local lawn services and golf courses. Victoria Maranan tells us how they manage to swing it in this weather.

"It has affected us as far as people coming out to play. We don't see a significant drop, but a drop in play."

Stone Creek golf club's head golf professional, Gary Owen said they had to make some changes to keep business going despite the triple-digits.

"People try to play earlier in the day, so we've actually taken our tee times down closer to 6:00 than 6:30 to get the play so they don't have to play in the heat," he said.

Stone Creek decided to close its golf course Tuesdays during the month of August to maintain 1,400 acres of grass, which golf course superintendent, Chris Martin, said has been a challenge.

"I really can't fight it right now, it's mother nature's in control and I can only keep the grass alive. I can't keep it as nice and green as you can in the spring. You know summertime, especially this summer, it's brutal."

Martin and his crew water the grass every other day for four to six hours, but despite the effort, plants keep drying up.

"Basically there's nothing much you can do with this sun burning down in the golf course everyday. The soil dries out and, of course, we got black muck around here and once it dries out, you fall behind on the irrigation and it starts cracking and there's not a lot you can do except for rain," he said.

Another type of business feeling the heat is lawn services.
Torres Lawn and Landscaping owner, Juan Torres, said they used to work up to 50 hours a week in the summertime. But because of the drought, their hours cut down to 20.

"Honestly, we're kind of slow right now, there's really nothing much special because people don't call us because we haven't got any rain. We normally slow down at this time of the year but not as it is right now, you know?"

To protect your plants, he advises residents to water at certain times of the day.

"If they have the opportunity to water, we recommend them to water before 9:00 in the morning and after 7:00 at night. Don't try to waste water during the day because when people water during the day from one to three or from three to six, it's just a losing battle," he said.

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