Sherman woman arrested after chase

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SHERMAN, TX-A Sherman woman was arrested after a police chase that caused one officer to crash into a tree, but investigators are still looking for the driver.

What started as a traffic stop turned into a chase, when a Sherman officer tried to pull a car over, under the suspicion that it may be involved in car burglaries in the area, and for a traffic violation. But, as the officer stopped the vehicle, it suddenly took off. Monday, an eye-witness describes what he saw.

"It looked like everything's all said and done, and it looked like he's about to pull over but this car just zoomed away and of course the police started chasing him. Then he cut through a field and next thing I know I was like,'wow! What happened?'"

News 12 weatherman, Tom Miller, was in front of the KXII studios Friday morning when he saw Sherman police pursuing a vehicle on Frisco Road.

"It's just one of those things that you see on T.V., but never experience yourself," he said.

Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said the chase started around 4:30 a.m. when the officer tried to pull over a Honda Civic on the 2700 block of Travis with an expired registration sticker.

"They acted like they're gonna pull over and then all of a sudden, took off from that parking lot across the southbound lane on Texoma Parkway and then went driving north on Texoma Parkway fleeing from the officer," he said.

Hampton said the chase ended up in a field on Dripping Springs Road, then both the driver and passenger took off on foot. He said the officer was able to catch the passenger, 25-year-old Lauren Jackson of Sherman, who was arrested on scene. But the driver was able to run away.

"He was able to get her handcuffed and he found a black bag that ended up having some personal items, I guess, or something like that. And we also found a pipe over there that was used to smoke meth, there's some residue on it," he said.

Jackson was arrested for evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance after the pipe tested positive for meth. Hampton said an officer about to assist in the chase ran into a tree, but was unharmed.The chase is still under investigation.

Sgt. Hampton said they are still looking for the driver. He said they are also looking into the possibility the car may have been stolen. If you have any information about this chase, call Sherman police (903)892-7290.

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