Drug bust in Lamar Co. seizes over 80 grams of meth

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LAMAR COUNTY, TX-- An anonymous tip to the Lamar County Sheriff's Office led to a large drug bust in Sun Valley Tuesday.

Sheriff Scott Cass says narcotic detectives from the sheriff's office and the Paris Police Department arrested 34 year old Amber Kenyon, of Sun Valley, after receiving a tip that she had been trafficking meth.

While searching her home, investigators found over 80 grams of meth along with drug paraphernalia.

"The fight against drugs is everyday," said Sheriff Cass.

Cass says, "As we take these drugs off the streets, as we take the folks that are using and dealing these drugs off the streets and put them in jail, where they belong, we make our community safer. If we are making our community safer than we are making our children safer."

Detectives say the street value of the drugs was around $8,000.

Kenyon is currently being held in the Lamar County Jail on a $30,000.