Durant residents become narcotics agents for the day

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DURANT, OK -- The Durant community got to witness drug-bust tactics first hand Thursday.

Darrell Weaver, Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics director, said it's part of a traveling tour to show local communities how they can take responsibility in controlling the drug problem.

"I think we really need a grass roots movement to do something about our problem," he said. "Our success will only come through a collaborative effort among all these leaders of Bryan County and surrounding communities."

The group, made up of community leaders, law enforcement and members of the public, shot weapons at the firing range, witnessed a mock drug bust, saw demonstrations from drug dogs and took rides on a helicopter.

"Showing how we utilize aircraft and things of that nature when looking for marijuana and surveillance and those sorts of things," Weaver said.

Durant resident Glenn Price said the day was an eye-opening experience.

"They know their stuff. They do a good job with it. Oklahoma should be very proud of their bureau of narcotics," he said.

And it hit home with Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Janet Reed.

"If any community says we're drug free they either have their eyes closed or they're not aware of their surroundings," she said.

She hopes the Bureau's outreach will help the community take responsibility in controlling the drug problem.

"It can totally destroy a family, a community, and our state. But I feel with today's education we know we are in good hands, and that we are on our way to a bigger and better state," she said.

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