Durant teen bound by burglars during home invasion

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DURANT, OK - Durant Police are searching for three robbers who broke into a home Wednesday night and bound a teenager with duct tape as they ransacked the house.

The 16-year-old boy was just doing his homework Wednesday night when he heard a loud knock on his door.

"And as soon as I answered it, someone barged in the door after me. And as I attempted to turn and run, two people had already came in through my back door."

The teen, whose name and face we are not revealing to protect his identity, says he didn't even have time to think about how to fight back.

"They had slung me to the ground and duct taped me in the hallway. Like hog tied, duck taped me . Like with my hands and feet all behind my back, and they drug me in the bathroom and just locked me in there."

The victim says he believes the three people who broke in were men and older than him.

"They were all masked up. One was wearing a button-up flannel with a shirt underneath it, and they were all wearing shirts tied over their faces."

Police and the family say it seems the intruders knew the layout of the house. The victim's mom says she believes the suspects have been here before and know the layout of the house because the deck is undergoing repairs and when they exited the back, they didn't fall through.

The victim's family says five or six guns were stolen, as well as some jewelery and two cross bows. But it's the damage left behind that angers the 16-year-old the most.

"Just terrible. Everything that I've worked for is gone. And what made me feel even worse is that some of the stuff they didn't take they just decided to break. Like my TV, they just broke it, and my phone, they just smashed it."

The victim says the intruders spent about 30 minutes ransacking the house, and when he was finally able to break free he ran to his grandparent's house to call 911.

Durant Police say the suspects are still on the loose and urge anyone with information to contact them.