ECU cheerleaders prepare for Nationals

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ADA, OK -- After several months and countless hours of practice, the ECU cheerleaders are finally getting to do what they've prepared all year for; Compete for the chance to be National Champions.

"We don't stop for nine months, we go from the beginning of June all the way to the beginning of April," said Head Coach, Jill Clark. "There's no stopping, there's no in between break for them, yes they get off a week for Christmas, but we're in competition season."

The squad will be competing at the UCA Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship in Orlando.

Clark says it's been a tough road to Nationals, but all the sweat and tears are worth it.

"Everyone dreams of competing on the ESPN channel and be able to be known as that competitive cheerleader in a college program," Clark said.

She says her squad has had minor setbacks, but they've grown stronger and closer through it all. Cheerleader, Johnathan Forshee, says he and his teammates are ready to face on the seven other universities in their division.

"I'm the most excited for finally getting on the National scale, and putting East Central on the map, and showing them what the Tigers can do in a competition," Forshee said.

Forshee says no matter the outcome, they know they will have given it their all.

"We prepare ourselves by just having the confidence in ourselves, having the confidence in our coach, and having the confidence from the people that support us, and through all that, we gain the confidence that if we win or lose, we come home champions," Forshee said.

The team leaves Friday morning, and will compete at the Walt Disney World Resort on Saturday.

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