ECU Students honored by OHP

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ADA, OK - Several East Central University students were recognized this afternoon for creating a public safety video for the State of Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers reached out to ECU students to help make a video giving out a strong message to young audiences about the importance of driving safely.

Communication students produced an 18 minute video called, "Anatomy of a Crash," about why wearing a seat belt is so important.

Senior ECU student Ryan Corley played a big role in the making of the film and said as the video progressed, the deeper message revealed itself.

"This can impact everybody and anybody so quickly and easily you know without wearing a seat belt," said Ryan Corley. "I really wanted to convey that that's why I went for a more emotional pull. I really wanted it to reach people. I didn't want it just to be another video people saw sitting in a classroom."

OHP says the main thing they want is for every driver in Oklahoma to concentrate on being safe.

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