East and West Burns Run Open

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LAKE TEXOMA-- Jerry Hamon is getting together with his Red River Fly Fishing club this weekend at East Burns Run.

Since their club meets in Sherman, they consider Lake Texoma their home water spot and nothing, not even Blue Green Algae is going to stop them from enjoying their weekend.

"We use precautions, just like today, we've been wade fishing some, and after we wadded, we came up and rinsed off in fresh water. Ya know, we aren't taking any chances, but we aren't letting it scare us off either."

Luckily, lake officials said there's nothing to worry about.

"Great news to begin with, east and west burns run day use beaches have, once again reopened," B.J. Parkey, assistant lake manager with the U.S. Corps of Engineers, said.

In May, Oklahoma State Law 259 was signed by Governor Mary Fallin, in response to Blue Green Algae in many Oklahoma lakes.
It prohibits lake managers from issuing advisories for Blue Green Algae unless tests show a level that poses at least a moderate risk of illness. They now gage that risk by toxicity and content levels combined.

"For the area of the toxin that was sampled for the area, east and west burns run, it was very low. Somewhere between .2 and .3 of microgram per milliliter. So very low toxin data showed as a result of the testing," Parkey explained.

For the lake to close, the content levels must reach above 100,000 cells per milliliter and toxicity must be over 20 microgram per milliliter.

The Corps still encourages lake-goers to use the proper precautions, ike rinsing off in fresh water after swimming.

Every marina, lake business and beach is open on the lake and Hamon and his club will take advantage of it.

"We'll be in the kayaks and wading and fishing and eating and having a good time."