Ector High School student makes dress from tasty treat

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ECTOR, TX -- A student at Ector High School had an usual idea for a school art project that's not just fashionable and it's tasty.

The design is a dress made entirely out of fruit roll-ups.

Elizabeth Owens says she loves fashion, so she decided to make a dress out of candy.

She says the dress is only held together with water and the natural stickiness of the fruit roll-ups.

She's not sure how much she spent on supplies but estimates she used at least 50 fruit-roll ups.

Owens says she wanted to top the project she made in 9th grade, which was a dress made out of fruit loops.

Owens says, "It was nerve-wracking, I had to figure out how to get it to properly stick together and I had to use lots of water, and my hands were sticky and nasty. "

Owens says she made the dress back in December.

Since then the fruit roll-ups have turned brittle but so far it's still holding together.

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