Efforts to save Lake Texoma catch attention of Oklahoma senator

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LAKE TEXOMA -- A local woman's efforts to save Lake Texoma have got the attention of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn.

Robyn King met with representatives from the senator's office Monday to talk about the low water level at Lake Texoma and voice her concern about the pumping of water from the lake

On her Save Lake Texoma facebook page, dozens of people have posted photos to show just how low water levels have dropped.

King says the representatives she spoke with seem to understand their concern, and say they are working on finding a solution.

King said, "They shared their data, we shared our data and they informed us they are getting tons of emails and calls from people that are supporting this page. They are working with the Lake Texoma Association and keeping in touch with us on it."

This afternoon, we received a statement from Senator Coburn's office saying, " We have been monitoring the situation at Lake Texoma since December. We will continue to engage in a dialogue with the community as well as the rest of the Oklahoma congressional delegation, regarding the water level at Lake Texoma."