Fitness class keeps seniors healthy

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SHERMAN, TX---Health officials state working out is important for older Americans to help maintain their strength and overall health.

Arthur Decker has been going to senior fitness class for over 10 years.

He hopes more seniors will come.

"I would encourage them to get off the couch, and get started; it's never too late, no matter what their age they can come in." said Decker.

Recently Decker competed in the Senior Olympics in Oklahoma. He placed 2nd in Discus, he calls the fitness instructor the real champion.

"Cheryl Brandon takes care to keep all of our major muscle groups and keep flexibility, which as you get older is important." said Decker.

With their own motivation and some music these seniors men and women meet every day to help stay fit, something Brandon says is important."

"Not only does it provide physical activity for them, but also their social lifestyle, there are some people that would have a decline if they did not come." said Brandon.

"My wife and I come three days a week."

Daniel Schores goes so he can work on his knees.

"19 years ago I had my knees replaced, and they said you need to keep exercising, and so I first did aerobics at the hospital, then came here." said Schores.

According to Brandon its important older adults exercise daily to maintain their flexibility and strength, but what if they can't come to class?

"At home there are bottles of water, canned food; you can use those as weights to do some of the upper body exercises we did earlier." said Brandon.

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