Elderly Antlers man murdered inside own home

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ANTLERS, OK - The investigation continues into the murder of an elderly man in Antlers. Jalah Gray spoke with his only daughter on Wednesday, and she says justice can't come soon enough.

Debora Biddlecome says she can't imagine why anyone would want to hurt her father.

"He's just not a mean person. There's not a mean streak in him. You know it was a big shock," Biddlecome said.

Pushmataha County Sheriff's Deputies found 77-year-old Garland Cogburn dead in his home in Antlers on Monday. They think he had been dead for several days.

Biddlecome says because she lives out of state she talked to her dad every day on the phone. So when she couldn't reach him for several days she knew something was wrong.

"I had called the local police because my dad wasn't answering his phone, and that's not like my dad at all. I think that was Wednesday when I finally called because I was so worried," Debora says.

Authorities say no one had seen or heard from Cogburn for almost a week. Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokesperson Jessica Brown says the trauma to his body indicates it was homicide. They won't release any other details because it's an active investigation.

"OSBI agents are following many good leads right now, and we're in the process of trying to collect more evidence, conduct more interviews and narrow down a field of suspects," Brown said.

For Cogburn's daughter and his sister, Joanie, justice can't come soon enough.

"I wanna see this man pay. He took my father. He took him way too soon," Debora says.

Biddlecome says she never imagined the first funeral she would plan would be her own father's.

"He loved me more, and I know he'd tell me every time I talked to him 'You know, I love you baby. You know I love you more than anything in the world,' I was his only girl, his only his only child," Debora says.