Enrollment down in two Paris school districts

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PARIS, TX -- According to a study done by Templeton Demographics, Paris and North Lamar I.S.D's are in the top 30 of Texas school districts with a declining enrollment.

North Lamar's enrollment has dropped 184 students over the past five years and Paris' dropped 275 students.

Paris I.S.D Superintendent, Paul Jones, knew enrollment was dwindling, but didn't know it was to this extent.

"We were the only two school districts in the same county on that list of 30 school districts, so that really had my attention," said Jones.

The study suggests Texas has seen an increase of jobs over the past six and a half years, but most of those jobs are being created in major cities causing families in smaller towns like Paris to move.

"The rural areas of Texas are the areas where we are seeing population decline and enrollment decline in school districts," said Templeton Demographics President Bob Templeton. "It's a function of there's not jobs out there and the population is aging and maturing."

Paris I.S.D is looking at land next to Crockett Intermediate School for a new housing subdivision or retirement community.

"We're looking at taking five or six acres out of that and developing it," said Jones.

Paris I.S.D plans to meet with North Lamar I.S.D officials and the city to determine a way to reverse the downward trend.

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