Escaped Mack Alford inmate turns himself in

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ATOKA COUNTY, OK - Even though escaped Mack Alford inmate Chance Andrews is back in custody, residents tell News 12 the frequent escapes are making them nervous, and they want to know why criminals are in minimum security prisons-- if they keep escaping.

42-year-old Chance Andrews was missing for the 5 p.m. head count at the Mack Alford Correctional Center Saturday. Six hours later--Andrews came back, and turned himself in.

"Sometimes they'll get out and realize they don't have any other plan other than walking off and just decide to come back to the facility," said Oklahoma Department of Corrections public information officer Jerry Massie.

Andrews is the second inmate we've reported to escape from an Oklahoma Correctional Facility in less than two weeks.

"Both escapes you're talking about were from minimum security facilities which don't have secure perimeter fences," Massie says that means escaping is simply a matter of walking away without being seen.

"Well maybe they should put a fence around them places huh?" said Atoka resident Leslie Mayo.

Many residents say they're concerned about safety, but didn't want to go on camera.

Mayo says he not only worries for his safety, but for his children's as well, "it makes me nervous, you know? All these people running around and everything. I have to lock my doors at night. And I shouldn't have to do that."

Over the past three and a half years, News 12 has reported more than 15 inmates escaped from minimum security facilities in Oklahoma.

According to the DOC website, Andrews was serving time for robbery, larceny, forgery, aggravated eluding of a police officer, and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

He's been placed in the facility's restrictive housing unit, and he faces escape charges.

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