Ex-Bonham teacher facing more charges

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FANNIN COUNTY, TX -- A former Bonham ISD teachers accused of abusing a special needs student is now facing new charges.

While out on bond for multiple felony charges, 30-year-old Adriane Connerley, was arrested again Tuesday for tampering with a witness, a third degree felony.

Authorities say, Monday evening after her pretrial hearing, she contacted one of the witnesses who had testified against her, berated the witness for the testimony, asked the witness to change details, and to not tell anyone she had called.

The Fannin County District Attorney's office has motioned to declare bond insufficient, meaning Connerley would stay in jail during the days leading up to her trial.

Bonham Police Detective Jason Boyd said, "We filed a report, we reviewed the evidence, found that there was probable cause to issue an arrest warrant, the warrant was issued for 'tampering with a witness.' "

Connerley is being held on a $10,000 bond.

The defense has motioned for a hearing to discuss the bond.

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