Expensive family heirloom stolen from home

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ATOKA,OK -- Atoka Police and the Bryan County Sheriff's office is investigating the theft of an expensive family heirloom.

"You just never think it's going to happen to you." said Leah Anne Brook.

Three weeks ago 17,000 dollars worth of sterling silverware, similar to these pieces was stolen from Leah Ann Brook's home.

On Tuesday that silverware was found at Gold and Silver exchange in Atoka.

Owner Celeste Brown says they bought it from a woman for $850.

"I think it's a miracle and I thank everyone involved for making that happen." said Brooks.

Brooks tells us she believes her housekeeper of the past four years stole the items.

"Don't trust your housekeeper, sadly, sadly she's been our housekeeper for a long time." said Brooks.

Brown says she had no reason to believe the silverware was stolen when she bought it from a woman.

"She just came in and had a set of silverware, and she told me that she had bought it at an estate sale, earlier that day." said Brown.

Brown says they wait 10 days before sending any items to refineries and investigators say they were lucky to find it within that waiting period.

"We have to get identification, get their license and we also have to take pictures of the items that we buy." said Brown.

The Bryan County Sheriffs office and Atoka police are investigating the case and say they do have a suspect.

"I think they did the right thing and it just made a big difference." said Brooks.

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