Facebook groups allow Ardmoreites to shop locally online

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Shopping locally used to mean driving to independently owned businesses and walking around brick-and-mortar stores. But now, Ardmoreites have set up multiple Facebook groups to sell items and trade services in the immediate area.

For one local online shopper, it's become a way of life.

"Me being a widow with two boys, not being able to afford the name brand stuff, I have the opportunity when they post them with a reasonable price I can actually buy them," said Natali Sloan, who is a member of several Ardmore area sale groups and shops only on her phone.

Not only does she buy, but she posts and sells items from around her house almost every day. Sloan said meeting people from these groups face to face to actually make sales fosters a sense of community.

"We actually get to know each other and end up meeting people and becoming friends," she said.

The administrator for some of these groups said shopping online in the local area isn't just good for building a social community, but the business community too.

Carri Russell is the administrator for four of the Ardmore area sale groups. One of her groups, Ardmore Yard Sale and Trade, has it's share of independent sellers, but it also encourages small businesses to post.

"To be able for them, to be able to sell their products or their services and stay within the local area and be able to advertise for free," said Russell.

Whether it's for individuals or independent businesses Russell runs these groups for one reason.

"To keep the community going," Russell said.

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