Fairview Park car burglar arrested

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Folks who frequent Fairview Park can rest easy tonight. Sherman police caught the man who they say has been breaking into cars there.

They say Ernesto Guadalupe Ortiz of Van Alstyne was caught breaking into a car around 9 a.m. He was found in possession of items that were previously stolen from cars at the park, and was arrested.

And for that, people at Fairview Park today say they're grateful.

These children's squeals should be the only fear felt by Fairview park-goers.

"If they're willing to come up and break into your car, what else are they willing to do? Come up and take your kid or something? You never know with the way people are nowadays," park-goer Lauren Owen said.

A recent rash of car burglaries at Fairview Park has left many in the area concerned for their safety.

This morning, Sherman police restored their sense of security.

"I come here with my kids to play and then I often come here with my running partners. We do feel safe here when we run, but we are careful to lock our cars and take our keys on our shoelaces," park-goer Courtney Bradford said.

Sgt. D.M. Hampton says police caught the burglar in the act and were able to reclaim some stolen items from his truck.

Owen sympathizes with the theft victims. Her car was burglarized years ago.

"I definitely know how it feels. Definitely," Owen said.

Police say Fairview Park is a safe place for families and that most of the burglaries happened to exercisers in the early morning.

Park-goers say they're relieved that this burglar is in custody.

"I'm glad that we don't have to worry about that now," Bradford said.

Sgt. Hampton says there were eight vehicle burglaries between September 12th and October 11th. Most of them happened between 7 and 9 a.m.

Ortiz is in police custody at Grayson County Jail.

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