Family and friend speak out about Sherman woman's murder

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SHERMAN, TX -- Tonight we learn more about the 22-year-old Sherman woman who police say was murdered, and left in a wooded area.

Sherman police arrested 32-year-old Gregory Shane Bailey in connection with the murder of his girlfriend, 22-yeaer-old Sarah Swaim.

After a multi-agency search on land and air, investigators say they found Swaim's body in a wooded area east of Denison Friday afternoon.

One man who knew Swaim and Bailey - and wants to be known only as "James"- says he's not surprised police believe Bailey killed her.

"When I first heard the news, I told myself I bet something happened with Shane. I bet they got into a fight. I bet something happened on his part. I didn't think that she was kidnapped by some stranger," he said.

Swaim's family was also concerned about the relationship.

"Right off the bat, my way of thinking is he's done done something to her," Kevin Swaim said.

Sarah's uncle, Kevin Swaim, says Bailey called Sarah's grandma Wednesday, asking if she had seen or heard from Sarah.

"It looked to us like he was trying to cover something up. He called to make it sound like he was looking for Sarah, like she had left him. Sarah's grandma said 'well Shane, if she's been gone for two days, don't you think you should call police?'" Sarah's uncle said.

Sherman police say Bailey reported Sarah missing Thursday evening, and told them he hadn't seen her since around 10 p.m. the night before. Sergeant D.M. Hampton won't elaborate on the evidence found inside the home, or where Sarah's body was found.

"But, it directly pointed to the fact that the boyfriend that had reported her missing was involved in her death," Sgt. Hampton said.

Friends and family say they had noticed signs of abuse.

"She would have a bruise, or a knot on her arm, or for instance one time they come over and her toes were broke," Kevin Swaim said.

"She always acted like she was nervous, like she was scared to speak out, like she was walking on thin ice," "James" said.

Sarah's uncle says CPS and the police had been called to the couple's home many times. Sherman police say they're doing a thorough investigation.

"That will be part of the investigation. It's not just exactly what happened you know, at the time frame that he ended up killing her, but it's also about the past and looking at those things also," Sgt. Hampton said.

Bailey is being held on $500,000 bond in the Grayson County Jail.

Despite their tragic loss, Kevin Swaim says they're remembering Sarah for her bright personality. She leaves behind two children.